Dan Auerbach is a God!

Turn on the radio these days and you're likely to hear the same manufactured rock "hits" over and over (Nickelback and Fall Out Boy for example). To hear real music you have to search beyond what radio and MTV tell you to listen to. Early last summer I stumbled upon the solo album of Dan Auerbach (1/2 of The Black Keys). His album Keep It Hid quickly took the top spot on my best albums of 2009 list. The album is full of gritty soulful rock 'n roll that makes you feel like you're listening to a great classic rock album!

Listen To:

When The Night Comes (slow and dreamy... my #1 fave)

When The Night Comes (live for RS)

Heartbroken, in Disrepair (this song makes me want to dance and take my clothes off)

Whispered Words

The Prowl (this one also makes me want to dance and take my clothes off!)

My Last Mistake (this one makes me want to dance...clothes on)

Also check out The Black Keys if you don't already obsess over them!


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