Song of the Week: JLM "For Today"

This weeks SOTW is Jessica Lea Mayfield's "For Today"

I think this song for several reasons...

1- I love JLM! She's so talented! Her entire album is great!

2- Her lyrics depict real feelings felt by girls about boys unlike many female singers of today.

3- The main reason I love this song is because it's like a big slap in the face to a guy! The lyrics start out very sweet and make you think you're listening to a song about falling in love with someone... "and i stared at the sky while you kissed me" and "you were running away away from everything and i stayed behind so you'd miss me" and then you hear the chorus "and while these words may sound so sweet i could care less about you."

It's kind of like your watching a movie of a couple holding hands skipping through a field of daisys when suddenly one of them falls into a manhole while the other grins and skips off.

It's great! I'd like to dedicate this song to a few different guys!

Click here to listen to For Today by Jessica Lea Mayfield

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